I'm crazy, but the awesome kind of crazy.
I love gray everything...walls, t-shirts, skies.
I wear cashmere sweaters almost everyday, even in the summer.
I need music as much as I need air.
Poetry is one of my soulmates
I want Kid Rock & AC/DC played at my funeral.
I love my family more than anybody else loves their family,
No, really... I do.
I am warrior-mom and have a child with Autism.
I will always be a wildchild and make choices with my heart instead of my head.
I want to become a medicine-woman one day and cure people of all their sickness & sadness
And last, but not least, I am a natural light photographer.
I photograph real life. not posed, not staged...
I photograph with my heart, and it becomes magic.

xo, stay...golden, wild, beautiful &  stone-cold-foxes, my-friends